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You’ve made it to week four and today we have a great one with #MindsetMonday, Changing the Belief, ” I just don’t feel all that motivated.”  I’ll skip over the argument that feelings shouldn’t decide the actions (which is how I choose to live) and move right on to a solution.  The trick to working out even when you don’t feel motivated is to discover the exactly what it is that motivates you and keep it present in your mind.  It isn’t that you don’t feel motivated.  It’s simply that you have lost sight of your motivation.

We are all the same in that we are all having this human experience and we are all on earth, we all breathe, we’re all human but that is just about where the similarities end because the reality is that what motivates one person can be drastically different than what motivates another.  Some people are motivated by how they look, while others choose to workout because of how they feel. It really doesn’t matter why you begin to work out… what matters is that you keep that reason front and center so that when the thought comes that you just don’t feel motivated… you can grasp onto your reason with both arms and take it right with you to the gym.

No matter how you feel on the way to the gym… just make the trip there!  Picture the way you will look because you went. Imagine how you will feel after a great workout.  Use your imagination all the way there, because the key to sticking with a workout routine is getting yourself to the gym. After that the excitement of the workout, combined with the wonderful moral support you’ll experience you’ll wonder why you ever considered skipping.  Exercise is the number one all natural feel-good drug there is.  So take your medicine… get into the gym!

Change it Today

  1. Decide what controls your decisions.  Feelings lie to you and can get you to make decisions that keep you from making progress.  Take control and replace feelings with action. Take the step no matter how you feel and your feelings will change right along with you. 
  2. Change the way you start your day.  Remind yourself each and every day who you are and what you are becoming.  Is your goal to become healthier, to fit into a certain size, to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, to reverse illness or dis-ease?  Decide and focus your attention on that every day and then take action.
  3. You’ve got this.  In moments of weakness consider your progress.  Have you noticed that things have become a little easier?  That there is no more joint pain, or that your clothes fit a little looser than they did a few weeks ago.  Think of that when you don’t feel motivated and soon you will have the motivation to take another action.

Think It and Say It

  • I control my actions no matter how I feel.
  • I place my attention on the progress I have made and take action.
  • I am progressing daily by controlling my attention, focus, and action.
  • Whatever I place my attention on is drawn nearer to me.
  • I am motivated to succeed in my fitness and nutritional goals.

Power Thought For Today

I achieve my goals because I am connected to my motivation.