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About FIT 1

Welcome to FIT1 Bootcamp


Why Fit 1 Bootcamp?  

As a professional fitness trainer for over 15 years, I noticed how much misinformation is out there that continues to contribute to health issues like metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and diabetes, caused by diet fads and ineffective workout routines.

That is why I created Fit 1 Bootcamp. Because fitness is about smart effective workouts and eating real nutrient rich food that nourishes the body and resets the body’s metabolism. Proper nutrition allows for optimum performance, increased heath, weight control, exceptional fitness and overall well-being.

What can you expect when you become a member of Fit 1 Bootcamp? You will experience the difference of a professional trainer who is committed to your health and fitness goals. In addition, you will workout with a group of like-minded, energetic and fun loving members who champion you in the process while they work on their own health and fitness goals.

We combine the World’s Smartest Workout with a Nutrition Plan carefully designed to help you to achieve lean muscle mass, strength, flexibility, and fat loss. That doesn’t even begin to explain the benefits of this professionally designed training program and service or its customized support.

I’ll personally guide you through ongoing training, sustainable fat-loss, and teach you how to overcome and manage the mind. Together, we will reach your fitness goals and you will have the time of your life!