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Welcome to week three of this series entitled, #Mindset Monday, I don’t think I’ll get results.  One of the excuses I hear fairly often is that a person has either tried, everything and not gotten results or that it will take too long to see results.  The reality is however, that you can think about how long it will take to see results or think about the experiences of the past or you can simply adopt the understanding, that you will never experience any results if you never get started. Results may take a while, for some it will be faster than others.  However, if you never do anything, they don’t happen at all, you tell me which is better.

How much time did it take for you to get into the shape that you are in now?  How long do you thinks it takes to get out of it?

In fact, the longer you wait to begin exercise, the longer it will take you to see any results.  If you want instant gratification, just change the way you mind looks at the process. Rather take a moment to focus on what you can do today.  What you can gauge today. Rather than wanting to jump from one weight to another overnight, focus on something you can control today. Focus on getting extra reps in, focus on improving technique, focus on putting good nutrient rich food in your body.  

Results happen when you consistently place your focus on effort in the now.  Before you know it, you will have reached your goals. You will have the results you want simply by focusing on the effort you can put in today.  Show up and apply yourself. The only way to miss your goal is to skip your workouts and or eat in a way that doesn’t fuel the body. Getting results is simple.  Stay present, set today’s goal, apply yourself and stick to it.  Never go more than two days without exercising.  Making these small daily achievable goals will satisfy your need for instant gratification and allow you to reach your longer term goals without getting discouraged.

Make The Change
  • Change the way you work toward your goals… if you have an issue with losing interest based on not seeing progress quickly enough, set small attainable goals each and every training session.
  • Change the way you think about exercise.  Not seeing results quickly just means that your body is adapting and changing.  Seeing slow results in the beginning is normal and much better than the “no results” that happen when you don’t exercise at all.
  • You’ve got this.  Every bit of progress is progress.  Have you noticed that you have better mobility, or that you are more flexible than you used to be. Perhaps you are experiencing additional energy, and less or no pain in the joints.  Be aware of the different kinds of progress you are making and stick with it until you see all of the results you began for. It will come and in the meantime, be amazed about the benefits you didn’t even know you would enjoy!
Proclaim And Act
  • I set small attainable goals each and every class.
  • I recognize the benefits I receive from working out.
  • I stick with my training and eating program because I know that I am getting benefits on the inside even when I don’t see it on the outside yet.
  • I follow through with the goals that I set for myself.
  • I experience the benefits of exercise.
  • I do what I need to do to stay focused on the goal at hand.
Power Thought For Today

I work to achieve my goals each and every day!


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