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Add a whole new dimension to your fitness regime and learn how to flip tires at our Etobicoke Fitness and Fatloss Bootcamp. Our Bootcamp in Etobicoke integrates tire flipping into our strength and conditioning fatloss program because it’s such a total body big bang exercise, The strength and aerobic benefits of tire training can enhance your performance in all areas in and outside the gym in all sports. Tire training is one of the best exercises that a person can add to their workout for total body strength and conditioning. You use your whole body when you’re flipping the tire, and just by changing the distance, the amount of time you flip the  flipping tire and the weight of tire, you can get an incredible aerobic and anaerobic workout. Tire training is not only for the athletic, it’s for anyone who has the ability to squat and is motivated to get their body to the next level.


Start with the tire flat on the ground. And place your hands and fingers underneath and keep your hands shoulder width apart. Drop your hips down, load the heels, keep chest high, squeeze your glutes and drive up through the heels and as the tire comes up you should make sure there is enough momentum that you can switch your hands and then explosively push the tire all the way over. Then immediately after the tire is pushed over and has landed start the movement again. If you’d like to try tire flipping at this Etobicoke bootcamp please register for our 21 day Get Fit Jump start program today. How to flip tires