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Healthy Back, Neck and Shoulders

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April 14, 2018, Etobicoke, ON
Experience remarkable relief from neck, back,  shoulder tension and pain. Explore the enormous capacity of your brain to engage in and realize new patterns of movement.
Healthy Looks Good On Everyone

Discover The Easy Path To Wellness!

Experience remarkable relief from neck, back and shoulder tension & pain.
Explore the enormous capacity of your brain to engage in and realize new patterns
of movement while gaining:  


Heightened Awareness

Mental Clarity

Mental FItness


Eliminate Pain

Increase Function

Reverse Aging


Increase Flexibility

Up Strength & Stamina

Increase Range of Motion

HEalthy looks good on everyone

This Is For You, This Is For Everyone!

No matter your age or condition, the brain is always willing to make improvements that affect the body in a positive way.  Get the tools that you need to improve your life through gentle, small, and painless movements and exercises.  The goal of this workshop is to train the body and brain to work seamlessly together for greater pain-free mobility.









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So why is it important to me to offer this workshop? About four years ago I was at my wits end trying to find something to help my son overcome genetic challenges to allow for a happy, healthier, and more mobile life. After tirelessly trying different therapies I found a few that made a substantial difference in his quality of life through increased mobility and function. Because I know first hand of all the benefits that can be experienced with the right methods, I know that anyone regardless of age or ability can reap the beneffits and enjoy a more fulfilling life.
Len Benoit

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Reap The Benefits Of This Science Supported Mind Body Approach To Health and Wellness!

Come and experience the hands-on life changing guided back, neck and shoulder movement lessons that will transform the way you use and experience your body. Utilize gentle and effective exercises to redefine the mind body connection to get you performing with mindful, painless and expressive-intelligent movement.