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#WhatscookinWednesday Paleo Kale Chips & Aioli

#WhatscookinWednesday: Paleo Kale Chips & Aioli It’s time for another delicious edition of #WhatscookinWednesday. This week’s recipe is a real treat, courtesy of bravoforpaleo.com.   If you’ve ever tried to make kale chips you are probably familiar with soggy slabs of kale, or krispy burnt greens! Today’s recipe will save the day! Paleo Garlic Aioli […]

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Etobicoke Fitness Bootcamps – Burn More Fat

Etobicoke Fitness Bootcamps  – Burn More Fat [highlighter color=”blue-vibrant” ]4 Tactics for Faster Results[/highlighter] Have you ever been frustrated over a lack of results from your workout routine? If so, you are in good company. Even the most seasoned athletes experience times when their results plateau. When you continue to put in the same effort […]

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