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#WhatscookinWednesday Smoky Rhubarb BBQ Ribs

After last weeks toasted coconut lemon squares I am in the mood for something hearty, so here a #WhatscookinWednesday Smoky Rhubarb BBQ Ribs that are sure to please. Any takers?  I have to tell that I am not up for sharing mine but you can make your own with this delicious recipe.  And don’t worry […]

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Len Benoit

#WhatscookinWednesday: Paleo Chicken Enchalada Bake

#WhatscookinWednesday: Paleo Chicken Enchalada Bake Have you thought about “going Paleo”, and then stopped yourself because it sounds like a fad diet, too restrictive, or just a whole lot of bland meat? It’s time to reconsider! Paleo eating isn’t just a diet, it’s a way of living. Research shows that it’s more satiating than a […]

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#whatscookingwednesday: Delicious, Nutritious 5-Minute Banana Coconut Chia PUDDING!

#WhatscookinWednesday: Delicious, Nutritious, Banana, Coconut, CHIA PUDDING! If you’ve never tried chia seed pudding, you’ve been missing out on a delicious secret! Ch-chi-chi-chia is a magical thing! Chia seeds are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, low in calories, and very high in fibre! Eating chia seeds has been proven to lower the risk of type […]

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Len Benoit

Fitness Bootcamp Etobicoke – Kitchen Disaster

Fitness Bootcamp Etobicoke – Kitchen Disaster [highlighter color=”red-vibrant” ]Your Self-Guided Kitchen Raid [/highlighter] Your kitchen will make or break your weight loss results. A kitchen stocked with the makings for healthy meals and snacks will keep you on track, even when late-night cravings strike. On the flip side, a kitchen filled with unhealthy munchies will […]

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Etobicoke Fitness Bootcamps – Burn More Fat

Etobicoke Fitness Bootcamps  – Burn More Fat [highlighter color=”blue-vibrant” ]4 Tactics for Faster Results[/highlighter] Have you ever been frustrated over a lack of results from your workout routine? If so, you are in good company. Even the most seasoned athletes experience times when their results plateau. When you continue to put in the same effort […]

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