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It’s the second week of the series and this week we’re got you covered with #MindsetMonday, Changing the Belief, “I’m too tired to workout.”  As you may have already become aware, In the beginning of making any changes in your life (especially those that require some effort), your mind is kinda like a spoiled child.  It knows you, it knows your weaknesses.  It knows the excuses that you have made in the past that worked.  It’s set to break down your resolve, don’t let it!  Do you give into the demands of a toddler or teenager, even when you know what they want is harmful to their well-being?  Of course not!

In my 16 years as a fitness trainer I’ve heard the excuse, “I was just too tired to come and workout” almost daily.  To change this mindset, the key is to stop and think.  Think of the consquences of missing that training session.  It harms  the body and also the mind.  If you yeild and miss one training session you are much more likely to miss another and another until your goals lie somewhere in the past.

However, if you stop and think beyond the old habits and consider the benefits of pushing past the thoughts that arise like, “I’m too tired to workout”, and follow through with your commitment to change…a brand new normal will begin to take shape.  You will begin to develop entirely new standards and norms like, discipline, follow-through, committment, enthusiasm and consistency.  And as that new form takes shape mentally you will see the results as the body takes on a new shape physcially.  What you put into practice you reap the benefits of.  It’s that simple!

I have a friend who refers to that part of his mind, the one that wants that tell him things like “I don’t have enough energy today”, as the human.  He suggested to me that, one day, at some point in my life, “I had to teach my human who’s boss!”  No matter what you choose to call the part of you that wants to revert back to old habits, what is clear, you have to teach it who’s boss.  Do it!  No matter what choices you may have made yesterday…today you are in charge!

Make The Change
  • Change the way you think about feelings.  Feelings are temporary and allowing them to rule your day is like allowing a toddler to make life altering decsions for you.
  • Change the way you think about exericse.  Rather than focusing on the thought or feelings of ‘being tired’, remind yourself how great you feel after you exercise.  Remind yourself how much strength, mobility, agility and other benefits that you gain as a result of showing up and getting it done!
  • Change who is in control today!  There aren’t any reasons to miss a workout… only excuses.  Excuses are simply the human trying to get its way and stay in control.  Don’t let it.  No good can come with exposing the self to negative behavior.
  • Remind yourself that the benefits far outweight in any temporary feelings.  What we put in today, we get back immediately in the form of energy, positive mood, and a sense of overall well-being and we reap the long term benefits of increased health, vitality, fitness and even the reversal of serious health problems.
Proclaim And Act
  • I exercise no matter what my feelings tell me.
  • I am in control of my human.
  • I honor my body by honoring my word.
  • I follow through.
  • I do what I need to do and experience the benefits of exericse.
  • I fight fatigue by working out.
Power Thought For Today

I change for the better which each workout!


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