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How to Maintain Weight Loss

Why is it important to know how to maintain weight loss.   If you have ever gone through a weight loss journey, you know the challenges involved.  You are fully aware that it isn’t easy to take off and now may be realizing that there are steps that must be adopted to keeping it off for good!

Ever wonder why some people are able to keep the weight off, while others put it right back on?  Today, I am going to let you in on 7 secrets for how to maintain weight loss.   And, for those of you still in the process of getting it off, these will work for you as well!

Secret #1:  Move your body.

The reality is that the body is designed to be in motion!  So in order to maintain weight loss, get it in motion!   Now keep in mind that not all action is equal so some of the things you do won’t be as effective as others.  However, taking action is certainly much better than sitting on the couch.

Optimally speaking, your workouts should consist of both cardiovascular and strength training.  You experience this every day in the training here at Fit 1 because our workouts are designed to train cardiovascular, strength, and mobility.  In fact, we use the 10 components of Fitness along with some other great things like the 6 degrees of movement in all of our workouts so you are sure to be working toward optimal fitness!

If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t let that stop you.  Take action and get some steps in naturally throughout your day.  You can achieve this by adding a little extra effort into your normal routine.  Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • If you are heading out, shopping or to work, park your car further away from the front door. Having to wait at the Dr.’s office, don’t take a seat, pace the floor while you wait.
  • Waiting for the kids to finish their karate lesson, take a walk around the block instead of waiting in the lobby.
  • Take a walk after lunch or dinner to get those steps in and aid in the digestion process.
  • Feel like you need a break from stress, take a walk and visualize, through the process, or meditate.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Join your children outside for some active sports.

Take the extra step, because you are worth it!

Secret Two:  Nourish the Body (my personal favorite for how to maintain weight loss)

What not to eat:  The reality is that the body is designed to function with real food.  You cannot eat junk and expect to maintain your weight.  And there is a breakdown in proper function when you consume C.R.A.P.  Precision Nutrition defines C.R.A.P as:

  • (C) Carbonated drinks and chemicals
  • (R) Refined sugar
  • (A) Artificial sweeteners and colors
  • (P) Processed foods.

You see, when you eat poorly and do not feed your body with proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body will respond.   Malnutrition causes dysfunction and prevents the body from operating optimally which can lead to weight gain and a host of other issues, like pain, inflammation, and disease.  You simply cannot go back to eating bad foods!  Give the body the things that it needs for optimal function!

What to eat:  Eat Real Food

It doesn’t get any more simple than that.  How to maintain weight loss is simple… don’t go back to your previous way of eating.  Nourish the body will whole, nutrient-rich foods

Secret Three:  All things in moderation.   I am not here to tell you that you can never have a treat.  I am here to tell you that treats are designed to be occasional.  Or, if you are anything like me, there are some things I simply do not want to give up.  It doesn’t mean I eat a chocolate bar, it means that I find healthier alternatives that give me the feeling of indulgence without negative impacting proper function or weight.

Secret Four:  Turn off the TV.  I personally do not have an issue with television but that is because I am far to busy to even turn it on most days.  However, I have heard from client after client how television is a trigger for them.  It is so easy to do two things in front of a television screen.  The first is overeating (or eating crap) and the second is staying sedentary.  If you can’t watch tv without grabbing a snack or bowl of popcorn then avoid the tv.  If you find that you are one of those who gets entranced by tv and can binge on an entire season of your favourite series and don’t leave the couch… turn off the tv and get moving.

Secret Five:  Track how much you are consuming.  When you were on your weight loss journey you likely tracked your food consumption, nutritional intake and your activities.  This is also important to how you maintain weight loss.  Do you know how much you should be consuming?  If you are trying to lose weight or maintain a certain healthy weight, then you should know!   Learn what your body needs to reach or maintain your goals.  The tool I often recommend to my clients is to use a fitness tracker like the one that is offered by My Fitness Pal.  It’s free for the basic membership so get on track today with tracking nutrition and training.

Secret Six:  Drink water.  Some confuse hunger with dehydration.  Before you eat a thing, make sure you drink something and wait a few minutes.  Drinking water is essential even if you may not think you are dehydrated.  Most people simply do not drink enough water.  How much water should you have?  The minimum amount of water that you should consume on a given day is 2L and goes up from there according to how much activity you are involved in.  Water is essential for fat loss, optimal body function, and cleansing the organs.

Secret Seven:  Eat when you are hungry!  Be a careful observer of your actions and attitudes.  Most find that they eat more when they are feeling stressed, bored or emotional and eat as a way to cope.  Food is fuel and should not be taken in for any other reason than to provide the body with good nutrition.

There you have it, my secrets on how to maintain weight loss.  If you have worked hard to lose the weight and want to keep it off, just remember all of the hard work that went in that got you to where you are.  And if you are new to the weight loss journey remember that for every moment that you make a good choice you are shaping a great future!

If you have any questions I am always here to help, just give me a call at 647-776-7776 or visit  and if you’re in the Toronto area come on in for your FREE 7-Day Trial Membership on us!