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Why choose Clubbell Yoga’s Fit 1 Bootcamp Program

The ClubBell Yoga Program:  Clubbell Yoga Toronto is the first gym to offer Clubbell Yoga and the Toronto, Mississauga and Etobicoke area.  With that being said, you may or may not have heard of Clubbell Yoga, so you may be wondering, “What is it?”  To better understand Clubbell Yoga, lets first define what Yoga is, and then define what Clubbell is, this way you can discover how and why Clubbell Yoga is different.

Yoga means union or to yoke.  Yoga is the union of different practices, systems and purposes. With Clubbell Yoga, we are also linking two systems together.  The first system is the Hatha Yoga practice and flow, and the second is an ancient Indian martial arts training called the club.

About Hatha Yoga:  The Hatha Yoga practice is designed to create an intimate union between the art and science of the mind, body and spirit.  The goal of the practice is to teach the practitioner how to live a harmonious and heathy life.  This is achieved through a structural framework of restraint, observance, posture, breathing, withdrawal of senses, concentration, meditation and balance.

Hatha Yoga is a powerful tool.  The benefits of Hatha Yoga are weight loss, improved metabolism, strengthened immune system, stress reduction, increased energy and flexibility, muscle strength, balance, focus and an over all sense of well-being.  Let’s face it, yoga make you strong!

About Clubbell:  The club is a tool that is designed especially for strength and conditioning in a continuous movement form.   The practice uses the three planes of movement along with the six degrees of freedom in order to provide the best conditioning and strength training out there.

The Clubbell improves the body’s ability to burn fat and lose weight, enhances muscle strength, develops a greater range of motion and joint strength, increases endurance, power and coordination, aligns and elongates posture to regain additional mobility all while reducing any potential injury.

A participant in Clubbell can expect to experience higher levels of energy, increased bone density, lower blood pressure and improved cardiac & respiratory function, as well as a stronger metabolism.   And, quite frankly, that is the short list of the benefits of Clubbell.  And, did I mention, it makes you strong?

Clubbell Yoga:  So, why unite these two practices together?  When these two forces combine they create Clubbell Yoga.  Clubbell Yoga then becomes a practice of strength and intelligent movement.  An art of flow, precision, anatomical alignment and breath control.  Clubbell Yoga takes regular Yoga practice to an all new empowering and challenging level.  “Yoga makes you strong, Clubbell Yoga, makes you stronger!”®

How it works:  When using the clubbells with yoga flows the clubbell becomes an extension of self, an extension of your arms, which elongates your poses.  This causes you to call upon the inner and outer core muscles to maintain control over the clubbell.  This, in essence, makes you consciously aware of your poses and causes you to keep your muscles engaged through each of the poses of the yoga practice.  This requires strength in order to counter balance the resistance that the club creates.

Clubbell Yoga Class Structure:  Every Clubbell Yoga class has four main elements:  awaken, condition, practice, and restore (decompensation):

Awaken:  We start every class with the awaken stage.  The awaken stage is an unweighted level designed to release muscle tension and improve joint mobility so that the participant can practice movements that connects flow yoga movements with breath control.

Condition:  In the second stage of the Clubbell Yoga class we combine body weight and Clubbell conditioning exercises which build strength, stamina and muscle tone, performance, as well as quality and agility in movement.

Practice:  We then move forward into the third stage, using weighted and unweighted exercises, and flow and static movements that require continuous muscle activation and focus.

Restore (Decompensation):  In this final stage of the class we use slow and static unweighted postures to relax and release body of muscle tension.  At this time we may also be engaging in time of reflection and relaxation exercises (guided meditation).  I wonder if you realize how these small moments of guided meditation will work to change you from the inside out, as the exercises change you from the outside in?

What to Expect:  Experience a class of slow and fast paced movements, where you decide how much effort to exert.  Rather than pushing through the exercises quickly, mindfulness is key, focusing on every movement and working to stay connected to the body and breathing.  Technique and mindfulness is important for gaining everything this program has to offer.  There’s no need to understand clearly how all of these elements work together, until you have made a thorough and consistent effort to practice them.  It’s up to you… Will you practice daily and enjoy the learning process you go through, or will you just be implementing these practices unconsciously so that your skill improves before you realize it?

This is a challenging and rewarding class with a focus on alignment, precision and form.  In this class you will find that we work to maintain an encouraging and supportive environment.  There is no need to understand clearly how all of the elements work together to achieve all of the benefits of Clubell Yoga, until you have made a mindfully constant effort to practice them.

Why Clubbell Yoga Toronto:  We are the only one!  But seriously, Clubebell Yoga Toronto offers is a well established, friendly and welcoming environment where your success and well-ness is our main focus.

About the Toronto Clubbell Yoga Instructor:  When it is time to make a serious change it is important to work with a professional and that is just what you can expect when working with Len Benoit.  Len, earned multiple certifications including but not limited to:  Personal Trainer, CrossFit Instructor, Adaptive Body Work Practitioner, TacFit, Clubbell, Clubbell Yoga and he also holds a black belt in martial arts.  Len has been a fitness professional for over 15 years and understands that combining a smart workout, and a nutritional eating plan along with a supportive environment are the keys to fostering your success.

Check out our Clubbell Yoga VideoVisit www.ClubbellYogaToronto.com.  To contact Len, or for more information call 647-776-7776 or email Len@fit1bootcamp.com

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